Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 1 and Seizing the Day...kinda

It's 8 weeks since my C-section and yesterday I had my postpartum visit with my Doctor.  It's official- I am free to start losin' it!  And not my sanity as a sleep-deprived new mom, the weight!

If I had the money I had after I gained my "sophomore 15" (more on that later) I would head off to WeightWatchers again.  I loved their program and lost weight and kept it off for quite a while.  I loved the support.  I loved trying things on that fit and feeling healthy and free to eat because I knew my limits.  But, 3 babies and 40 pounds later, 40 bucks a month for weight-loss is not an option.  That's enough to buy newborn diapers for two months!

So, I'm here online for support and accountability.  Yes, every day I'm going to record my points using the original points program (more on why later) as well as record a weekly weigh in.  This morning I weighed in at 173 lbs.  My pre-baby weight after getting married was 133 lbs., giving me a 40 pound goal.  But, I would love to be where I was ten years ago at 123 lbs.  Of course, muscle weighs more than fat, so we will see what happens with working out, but one thing is certain- I could eat more vegetables and fruit and less junk!  And that's what the points program is all about, balance and health. :)

Today I recorded my points and stayed on track wonderfully, until about 12PM.  Then I started guessing and not writing them down and I know that's always my downfall.  If I'm not certain of how many points I've used I figure, why keep trying or low-ball the estimation.  Either way I end up eating too much, like the egg and toast I had at 10:30 tonight...Ah, I need someone to report to besides myself!

SO, join me if you like!  I'm 5'5" and am supposed to eat 18-22 points a day for weight loss.  I've done it before, and I WILL do it again...with YOUR support please!!!  If you're wanting to lose weight and be healthier, I will be here for you too!  Please check back daily and remember, one good choice leads to another!